Rethinking our packaging design.

We’re on a journey to make the most sustainable and environmentally friendly conscious products, and accelerate the transition to a circular economy for packaging.

A circular economy strives to replace the current make-use-dispose model with one in which we extract the maximum value from products and materials, relying on recycling, reusing, and ‘upcycling’.

We strive to create second life market opportunities for recycled PET products.

Designed with circularity in mind, our Eco-Smart® products contain at least 30% recycled content, and are recyclable within our current infrastructure – creating an opportunity to transform waste into a valuable resource.

Made from at least 30% recycled content
Australian made in HACCP certified facilities

What is the manufacturing process for using recycled content?

A circular economy extracts the maximum value from materials and products while in use, then recovers and regenerates them. Here’s how it works…

Circular Economy